About Us

We are a small friendly club of active sociable professionals and like-minded people in the Suffolk area. We are affiliated to the national association of Inter-Varsity clubs see for details :- http://www.ivc.org.uk .We are not a commercial club, we don't set out to make a profit, and all events are organised or hosted by our members.

There is a varied programme of events throughout the year including meals out, pub nights, cinema, theatre, parties, barbecues, concerts, walks and sports such as tennis and badminton.

The club is run on a voluntary basis by its members, which is why we are probably the best investment that you will ever make to help make the most of your spare time. Our current membership fee is just £10.00 a year!

If you ....... have recently moved to the area and want to meet new people.

want to expand your social life and try new activities.

have little opportunity to meet new people outside of work.

want to find out what's happening in Suffolk.

want to make the most of your leisure time.

Then Suffolk IVC could be for you!